I get bored easily. Or, maybe it's ADD. Or, maybe I just have a lot of energy. Whatever the case, it's easy for me to find beauty, or at least something interesting in almost any situation. As a result, I don't really have a locked-down "style" but instead I use my improvisational impulses to decide what to capture AND how to edit each individual photo.

You'll see that I prefer bold images, often with expressive colors in them. You'll see some photos that have more normal colors, but you'll definitely see some images that have spicy colors and edits. You'll see some photos that have the normal perspective, but you'll also see some photographs that rely on pretty weird angles to form a cohesive composition.

And, even if you don't end up owning any of these pieces as wall art for your home or office, I hope by just browsing the galleries, that they brighten your day a bit.

- Mark